Writing and writers have evolved over the years. From ink and paper to typewriters we have moved into computers and laptops. But it doesn’t stop there.

More and more writers are migrating their writing to their mobile devices, at least partially. For instance, some are using their mobile devices to write in commute or if they catch a break at work or in the bathroom. Those who have gotten used to the virtual keyboard have moved on completely.

Mobile devices carry a lot of benefits for writers – they have similar features as desktop devices but they are portable and can fit anywhere. It’s easy to turn them on and just continue working where you left off.

However, to truly utilize the functionality of the mobile devices, you’ll need a good writing app. Developers have created some amazing apps both for Android and iOS over the years.

Here are some of the best:

iA Writer

iA Writer is one of the most popular writing apps for both iOS and Android because of its simplicity, functionality, and features. Even though the Android version is a bit behind when it comes to features, especially compared to the iOS version, it’s still a good option for all writers out there. The iOS version is packed with features like syntax highlighting which allows you to easily spot any adverbs or weak verbs. It supports some of the advanced features like the split screen which makes it easier for writers to simultaneously do the research and write or listen to calming sounds while writing.


If you want to do some serious writing, this Android app will give you all the right tools. It’s free to download but there is a one-time in-app purchase which unlocks the Creative Mode and opens the doors to all the features within this app. Even without the purchase, this app still works perfectly for all long-form writings. It has a material design and you can export files from it in PDF and DOCX. It’s packed with useful features and beautiful templates for different types of writing.

Monospace Writer BETA

Monospace is a great, bare-bones app for writing that doesn’t do anything to Distract you. The features are simple and they make sure that you stay focused on the most important thing – the writing itself. You can Organize your writing with hashtags rather than folders and the dark theme is especially relaxing. It supports a Dropbox sync. In essence, it’s a simple and effective app that will offer you a lot of value in a light format.

Drafts 4

Drafts is useful for many different things but mostly for quick entry of your thoughts when you are on the go so you can use them later elsewhere. It also lets you send the text to many apps and services which is useful if you plan on using it on other apps or devices. It’s a simple scratchpad in its essence. It has an Apple Watch app and you can view your inbox. It also supports the split screen and you can edit in markdown.

Microsoft Word App

Microsoft Word has created an app for all mobile devices – both Apple and Android. While some people have been avoiding this app, believing that it was too bloated. But with each new update, this app just keeps getting better and better. It has all the features that the original software has and it’s extremely easy and familiar to use. You can access all of your files in-app, it has plenty of useful templates that you can use and you can export in various formats. All in all, a great app with a lot of potential to become even better.

Ulysses App

This is an amazing app for iPad that offers the best writing experience. It doesn’t have too many features but it’s fun to use and it’s not overwhelming to the user. It does the job perfectly and all writers on the platform are in love with it. There is markup, you can add images, footnotes, links, comments and you can export to PDF, Web pages, Ebooks, Word documents. It has a clean interface and layout, customization options and more features.

Google Docs App

Google Docs is a great, classic app that provides a lot of support for any type of writer. You can connect it to your Google account and store all of your files there. It’s simple and not distracting when you are writing – there are just a white screen and a few options on the top but when you need something, the features are there. You can change the font, insert links and images and basically use it just like you would with Google Docs on the desktop. It has no lags or bugs and it can export DOCX which is great. It translates easily from mobile to desktop and it’s best for professional writers.


Evernote is probably the king of note taking apps. Writers across the world know how important it is to save the research, set reminders, save notes and have a simple tool that gathers all of that and puts it into one place. This is what Evernote offers, essentially. You can save your work within different notebooks and there are many different options like handwriting, setting reminders, saving pictures, videos, research links and so on. It can also be good for novel writing as well since you can have different notebooks and other notebooks and separate notes within those notebooks. This tool can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. For instance, you could just save simple text notes and Evernote will support it. But, you could also write a novel in it and it will still be amazing. Even though it has a lot of features, this tool isn’t distracting or intrusive. It’s simply there to provide an excellent writing platform. It’s free to use and usually comes pre-installed on most Android devices.


Having a great and supportive app on your mobile device for all kinds of Writings is a really important thing for any writer. Any of these apps could satisfy your needs, all you have to do is try them out and

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