Content Marketing Myths

Content Marketing Myths

Content marketing is one of the best ways of getting your voice heard online. With the right content, you can spread the word about your product and bring those customers in. As with all types of marketing though, there are plenty of myths out there about how it works. If you’re just starting out, here are some of the myths debunked, so you can create excellent content every time.

Myth: You’ve Just Got To Write Something

Truth: You’ve got to give the reader what they want. Many new marketers labor under the impression that ‘if you build it, they will come.’ In fact, the opposite is true. If you just keep writing with no real goal in mind, you’re not going to bring in any new readers. You’ve got to understand what your hook is and use it. What is it about you that should make readers visit your site? Write with this goal in mind.

Myth: Content Marketing Is Just About Search Engines

Truth: You’ve got to write for people, not Google. There’s no doubt that you need to make it easy for search engines to pick up on your content. You need to be finding the right keywords and helping the right people find your writing. However, a piece of content that’s written solely with search engines in mind will get you nowhere. Write for your audience first, and tell them what they need to know. If you show more respect for them, they’ll keep coming back.

Myth: Content Is Just Blogging

Truth: Content goes much further than words on a page. It’s true that a few years ago, content was simply creating a blog and keeping it updated. Nowadays, there’s much more than you can do. With so much content being created, you need to stand out. For example, you can start creating infographics to put on your site, to simplify a lot of data into one image. You can also create videos, with sites like Youtube making it very easy for you to spread them around.

Myth: Your Business May Not Benefit From Content Marketing

Truth: All businesses can use content marketing to further their brand. No matter what you sell, content marketing can help bring those potential customers in. The trick is to give them something that they want, and that they can use, right away. For example, say your business sells gardening equipment. You can start creating posts that show readers how to use that equipment, or related tasks such as how to plant crops, or how to take care of your lawn. These will attract the right audience for you, and you’ll have their attention.

These myths are what’s stopping a lot of businesses from succeeding online. If you’re just starting out, pay attention and don’t believe them. With the advice here, you can start using content marketing to stand out from the crowd and start selling online. Bring in that audience, and show them exactly what you can do.

Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing Tools

Marketing content has become the be-all or end-all within management nowadays. If you aren’t marketing your content correctly then the chances are it isn’t getting the traction that your high-quality content deserves. The tools on offer are used in a variety of ways by different companies but if you aren’t already using them, you have already fallen behind.


Content is key, always has been and always will be. This tool will help you find the best content to write about, it will search the web to find the keywords that are mostly written about. You can either enter your email or a competitor’s email to find the content that has been shared across most social media channels.

It is a perfect way to ensure that your content is reaching your specific target audience; you can find what specific channels are publishing; meaning that you can write content especially for this.

Outreach Plus

Mailing lists have always been important for spreading information. This tool will do all the work for you by posting emails to promote your fresh content. The purpose of the tool is to increase efficiency in creating emails to send to the people who can really push your work (journalists, influencers, and contributors.)

Not only does it save time by posting out updates on your current published content but it also replies or follow-ups with the same people that have been previously emailed to get the best possible results.

This is a fantastic tool to use as the market for pushing content through social media is become more and tougher, with millions of pieces of content published every day. This will give you an additional benefit as it is a route far less traveled and keeps you ahead of the game.


Nobody runs every department by themselves anymore, there are often big teams involved meaning that communication between members is hard and that sometimes wires get crossed, making for confusing content and strategies. Trello eradicates the risk of that as all team members can be included on message boards where messages can be simply processed and read.

You can easily assign tasks through Trello, with boards, lists and cards on offer meaning that teamwork will flow seamlessly. This works especially well if you are dealing with multi-national teams, you can leave tasks on the boards with specific comments on what the tasks require. It is a brilliant organization tool that will see productivity within each department improve.  It will take out the guessing game and every member will know the exact marketing plan.


This is another smart tool that will increase your chances of being seen on social media channels. It is important to market your content on Twitter and Facebook after all that is where most people are these days. With this tool, it can help you to publish the content at the right time when people are listening. It will use your followers and analyze when the best times and days to tweet are.

Meaning that your content has the best possible chance to be heard, it is a very clever tool.